Ultimate Guide to Men’s Ethnic Wear

Ultimate Guide to Men’s Ethnic Wear 

Very much like ladies, men as well, like to see themselves in fashionable clothing! Wedding seasons or festivals (Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi or any other traditional day at the office), men want to look fashionably good. They have been exploring different avenues regarding the unique ethnic outfits and trying out different styles and patterns to make a style statement. They generally need to choose out-of-the-ordinary to stand out in the crowd and portray their best version.

With the Indian ethnic wear industry being exceptionally rich and exquisite, men have such varied alternatives to look over, such as Sherwanis, kurtas, coats and the sky is the limit for there, be it for weddings, strict occasions or basic family parties. It’s all about putting a first good impression for them now. To up your ethnic game among men, here’s a guide to men’s ethnic wear:


With regards to men, sherwani is the epitome of royal Indian wear. It gives you an illustrious and exquisite look for a particular event. Sherwani style has always been on an upgrade by fashion designers who presented new and fresh patterns, cuts and fabrics to enhance the personality of men. Indian men or not, Sherwani always steps up in ethnic wear. Team it up with Dhoti or pants as per your convenience. Pair it up with a Kashmiri dupatta and look your royal self.

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Gone are the days when only monochrome Jodhpuris were preferred by high-class men. 21st-century Jodhpuris are more about colourful fabrics, floral prints, delicate embroideries, fancy brooches and golden buttons. The biggest inspiration for Jodhpuri ethnic wear is the senior-most Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan or the junior-most Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. These men exude style in such ethnic wear.  

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Pathani Suit

The Pathani suit style began in Afghanistan, yet our Indian fashion creators and Bollywood biggies prefer wearing this style as the most comfortable ethnic wear. Its lightweight, comfortable soft fabric and loose clothing make it more acceptable by older men and young men. You can combine with Salwar or Jeans gives you a metropolitan stylish look. Be it Eid or a casual Haldi ceremony, Paithani Suits style will always remain evergreen.

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This style of sherwani is tremendously popular among groom-to-be, thanks to Ranveer Singh’s look in Padmavati movie. Angarkhas hold each element of style with grace and panache, offering a unique Maharaja look to the personality. Angrakha style sherwani when paired with a coat makes one look regal and rich. The fabric of it is free-flowing from the waist and continues till foot. Team it up with heavy malas and a turban to complete your wedding look. It is a must-have in every wedding wardrobe. Angarkha of cotton fabric and floral prints are trending in the fashion industry now.  

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