Top Accessories To Complement Your Ethnic Wear

Men's Indian ethnic wear always has a rich and regal look to it, which is why it is so popular. It's also worth noting that men have a plethora of options when it comes to dressing up for special occasions, and Indian men are no exception. The bottom line is that, while you know a lot, you don't know everything! Accessories are the only thing you're forgetting! These little things matter the most. Just a few accessories can make a world of difference, especially if you're wearing men's ethnic clothing.

  1. Put your best foot forward with jutis/mojaris

To look your ethnic best, you don’t need to hesitate. Traditional Juttis and mojaris are your secret weapon for seamlessly blending into any Indian event or wedding ceremony. Mojaris and juttis originated in South Asia first but Indians also share a common ancestry as a type of handcrafted footwear. A mojari is typically a man's shoe with an extended curled toe or nokh. They are ideally paired with Kurtas, Sherwanis, Achkans, Dhoti Pants, and Jodhpuri Suits for any ethnic celebrations, Weddings, and other special occasions.

Maroon Majaris

  1. Swag your look with a brooch

Personalize your outfit with a beautifully crafted brooch or a pin. Apart from enhancing your royal look, brooches give your ethnic wear a very elegant feel. There is a strategic placement of this sparkling accessory on the lapel. Jackets and sherwani or suits are the most common festive wear to adorn these brooches. Different patterns and designs in the form of flowers, shapes or birds are most common for brooches.

Some brooches come with chains or other attachments, while others are made of a single piece of metal. 

  1. Neckpiecesthat make a declaration

If you're dressing in traditional attire, you'll want to consider wearing a neckpiece. Because you can't wear a formal tie with an Indian traditional outfit, choosing neckwear and pairing it with the right outfit can be challenging. The possibilities are endless. Wearing Ascot ties, bolo ties, collar chains, or even a simple scarf will do the trick. If you're wearing Jodhpuri Suits or Sherwanis, Ascot ties will look great. Bolo ties and collar chains can be worn with an Indian shirt or kurta.




  1. The cherry on the top; a safa!

As an alternative, turbans have been replaced by safas, which are much more elegant. Simple at first glance, turbans can be anything but if you play around with different variations and colour combinations. Add some flair to your look by accessorizing with contrasting coloured or floral-patterned safas.

Cherry on the top is that they come in small fan-like pleats stitched into them, and they usually have more embellishments like a brooch or a feather. With contrasting coloured or floral-patterned turbans, you can easily complement your outfit with a safe, whether it's a Kurta or a Sherwani or a Jodhpuri suit or a Nehru Jacket.


  1. Be dramatic with pocket squares

Pocket squares can take your fashion statement to the next level. A pocket square is mostly for show and belongs to the jacket breast pocket. They are often confused with handkerchiefs but are a classy accessory that instantly spruces up any look with their dapper charm. Accessorize them with printed or solid-color jackets, Nehru jackets, or bandh gala outfits in contrasting solid colours. To create a well-balanced look, play around with different colours and patterns with flamboyant folds to these pocket squares.


  1. Stoles are here to stay

To fall in love with any fabric, the best way to do so is to wear a stole or a dupatta. It's a long, narrow piece of clothing with tassels that are worn as a stole. As a result of their versatility, stoles can be worn with a wide range of outfits. The fact that they come in cotton, chiffon, georgette, pashmina, and soft silks allows them to create a complete traditionally regal look. No matter what occasion you're attending, a printed stole or an embroidered scarf can completely transform the look of your outfit.


  1. Layer it right with a necklace

Indian royalty has always worn necklaces. The addition of jewellery to traditional men's clothing enhances its grandeur. When you start mixing and matching a few good pendants, the variety of cords and chains the possibilities are endless. Take the time to understand your options and the message you are sending before choosing a chain for your necklace, both in terms of the material used and the length.

 Golden Necklace - K for Kathiyawad

Just keep in mind that if the camera were to come out, you would be the best-dressed gentleman who knows how to take on the world with his style! 

 Life is celebrated here, at Kathiyawad. Whether it's for festivals, family gatherings, or weddings, we're excited to cater to your needs. 

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