Navratri 2021: Men’s Kurta Colours to flaunt during Navratri 

The festive season has begun with Navratri, and everyone is getting ready to celebrate it with zeal. Besides worshiping Goddess Durga, the celebrations are made memorable by performing Dandiya, fasting, and preparing delicacies. 

As a matter of fact, each day of the celebration is associated with a lucky color that is dedicated to Goddess’ avatar. To cope with the zeal and enthusiasm that these days entail, one should ideally upgrade the wardrobe and incorporate some amazing ethnic colors to achieve the desired effect.

 We've put together a special Navratri edition in men’s ethnic wear, for you to put up some of the greatest ethnic looks. 


  1. Day 1- Yellow

The first day of Navratri commemorates Goddess Shailaputri, the daughter of the Mountains. She is Mother Nature in her purest form and a sign of power. Brightness, happiness, and cheer are all associated with the color yellow. Keep a positive attitude throughout the day to kick start the nine-day festival fantastically.  


  • Shine brighter than the sun in a stunning yellow metallic finish kurta with light shade prints on it and a white pyjama for a super comfortable and traditional touch. 
  • Look gorgeous in a magnificent yellow kurta pyjama by pairing it with a bright-colored blazer. 

Yellow Kurta K for Kathiyawad

  1. Day 2- Green

The second day of Navratri honors Goddess Durga’s second incarnation Brahmachari, the feminine seeker of spiritual knowledge. As a result, the Goddess is famed for fulfilling all divine desires. Hence, the color of the day is peacock green, a mystical color that can enchant people. Dress in this color to bring out the vibrancy in your surroundings and to invoke spiritual wisdom growth, fertility, tranquility, and serenity as blessings.


  • Wear a green silk kurta-pyjamaset embellished with modern embroidery and pair it with matching churidar silk bottoms.
  • Team a distinctive shade of green classy kurta in a self-flattering design with an off-white churidar that stands out sharply.


  1. Day 3- Grey

Chandraghanta is Devi’s third incarnation, with a brow adorning grey-colored half-moon. As it is a color between black and white, it represents balance, neutrality and embodies ferocious vitality. Don this neutral color to represent your strong capacity to transform and weather any storm. 


  • The play of colors in a grey kurta set, which is paired with a cream churidar, is nicely coordinated and a fashion connoisseur's delight.
  • The modern mandarin collar grey kurta setis ideal for setting the trend and making people go #WOW, with the jewel-like silver buttons on the button panel. 

Grey Kurta K for Kathiyawad


  1. Day 4- Orange

Kush Munda is Goddess Durga’s fourth incarnation. She possesses sufficient strength to live in the sun. As a result, the color orange is used to represent joy and vitality. Use this color in a way that reflects self-expression and proves to be the ideal choice for flaunting your signature ethnic appearance.


  • Where a light orange Kurta with a regular fitting bottom to get noticed for your unparalleled style statement.
  • Orange Kurta jacket is great if you want to experiment with a color that is halfway between dark and light.

Orange Kurta - K for Kathiyawad

  1. Day 5- White

Skandamata, Devi's fifth incarnation, is the mother of Skanda or Kartikeya, the war-God Devi who is holding her baby in her lap, represents the purity of a mother’s love. As a result, the color white is chosen. The first syllable that comes to mind when we think of this color is calmness, and people regard it with admiration and pride.


  • Dress up in a kurta made of cream-hued mix fabric that leans toward the lighter end of the spectrum, ideal for celebrations, safest for kinds of festivities, and cool for informal occasions too! Adorn it with modest gold embellishment and wear Kolhapuri flats to epitomize beauty and ease. 
  • Wear a white kurta with contrasting colored mandarin collar jacket to make way for ethnic yet contemporary fashion. 


  1.       Day 6-Red

Katayaani is Devi’s sixth incarnation. She is a furious form of Goddess Durga who is said to have been created as a result of God's wrath. She is identified with the color red because it is a bold color and also has a lot of power. The goddess’ Chunari is primarily red as well. As a result, it is an excellent choice for assimilating to the enticing festive vibes. 


  • Team red silk blend kurta to you look like a page 3 celebrity. Team it with a cream churidar, which stays true to tradition. The simplicity of this attire adds to its charm. Wear jutis with kundan stones, pearls, and zari embroidery to look unique. 
  • Go for a red kurtawith a blue jacket, which has the same print detailing on sleeves and neckline. Talk about a perfect blend of class and style.  


  1. Day 7-Blue

Kaalratri is Devi's seventh incarnation. Royal blue, the color dedicated for this day, stands out among every other hue that exists on Earth because it is the epitome of grace and nobility. Wear this color to expand your horizons and vision.  


  • Wear a blue kurta with a mandarin collar that has a strong cut, knee-length, and is enhanced by a muted unobtrusive button in a darker tone that is a blend of imperial look.
  • Put on that elegant charm in blue kurtathat extends below the knee and is crafted in a tasteful shade of blue. Team with a black churidar that compliments the dark shade of the design and completes the look.


  1.     Day 8- Pink

Mahagauri is Devi's ninth avatar. She is the one who makes all of your dreams come true. Pink is the color designated for this day because it represents love, devotion, feminine allure, and a new way of looking at things.


  • Coral pink kurtais set to get your highest score in being trendy and stylish with embroidered motifs highlighted with fabric buttons. 
  • Self-patterned kurta pyjama in pink hue is a must-have to team with a contrasting blazer in light tone as beige. 
  1. Day 9-Purple

Siddhidatri is Devi’s ninth incarnation. She is the knowledge giver who assists in achieving goals. As a result, the color purple is associated with ambition and power evoking feelings of endless wealth, grandeur, and dignity to receive God's favors. This beautiful color mixes the vitality of red with the royalty and stability of blue. 


  • Can’t get enough of solid colored kurta sets? Choose a bright-colored brocade purple setthat is bound to compliment given the fabric’s quality and comfort.
  • A lilac kurta with all-over mini zari highlights on the collar is a perfect traditional wear. Pair it with cream-colored churidar for a dapper look. 

Purple Kurta - K for Kathiyawad


Aren't Devi's many names and forms intriguing? Whether you prefer the East’s weaves, the West’s color scheme, the silk from the South, or the luxury of the North, K for Kathiyawad offers a wide range of outstanding cultural Kurta wear that is high on the style meter. Choose your Kurta color at K for Kathiyawad’s store.  

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