10 Time-Tested Style Tips All Men Should Try To Be At The Top Of The Game

Real style is never right or wrong. That’s why it is said that style is personal and you should keep it that ways to feel the comfort at all times. Some men can do well, some cannot. Some men are inherently more conservative than others to stick-to-basics kind of style. But all of these are tried well- tested guidelines and if these guidelines are followed, it helps to ensure anyone wears the best clothes, regardless of his individuality in the wardrobe department. Consider these following tips as they are solid suggestions rather than the last word on style.

1. Suit it up right
There is a key to look good in any outfit. Unless the outfit doesn’t suit your needs or comfort, it’s no point in carrying it off and showing it off. First and foremost, be comfortable in what you wear and see to it that it fits you well. Baggy shirts that don’t fit right on your shoulders are a strict no. Loose overflowy pants are not in the trend. Get your clothes tailored well and let them fit you well for a first good impression.

2. Care for appearance

It’s a valuable lesson taught by all elders to care for your appearance with just one good impression. Essentials to follow are - iron your shirt, wash your clothes regularly, clean your shoes, and fix anything that needs fixing. Think of it as general grooming.

3. Cover it up right

Don’t flaunt your body if you don’t have one – especially in the case of a belly that sags. You should wear clothes that hide your imperfections and enhances your perfections well. Cover those imperfections with a smart slim-fit jacket. Keep it to minimum with a jacket because over-layering will make you look like a soft toy. Avoid low-rise pants that allow your tummy to pop out. Also, wear belts to cover the excess fat on your belly.

4. Choose #Classics

Fashion changes rapidly, and this is why it exists. If you don't want to continue chasing trends or want to overcome them, use classics. For decades, these unchanged items have formed the basis of men's style, from button shirts to Oxford shoes to straight jeans and single-breasted two-button navy blue suits to nude colors to brown faux jackets to leather jackets. However, this means that this style is eternal and it will look great at all times.

5. Dress to impress

Style isn't just about self-expression; it's also about what you wear to blend in with the environment. Think of clothing as a code-you need the right combination to suit your environment, whether it's a formal dinner or a lazy Sunday in a bar. The worst style is inappropriate clothing not right for the place you visit. Is this some kind of consistency? No. If you are confused, opt for classics because that style never goes wrong.

6. Know your personality

Style icons are those who go their own way with self-confidence that comes from their clothes being a second skin, not a costume. There is no one more sensible than someone who wears what he thinks he should wear instead of what he really thinks suits or is in-trend at the moment him. If you are short, ditch loose fitted clothes that make your legs look like they are cut in half whereas consider wearing slim-fitted pants that make you look tall. For tall men, stay clear of excessively tight jeans or pants that will only make you look taller and skinnier as they emphasize your tallness. 

7. Be experimental with colors

Menswear has long been wrapped in outdated concepts of fitness and masculinity. But you don't have to dress like a robot. Colors can really help you keep your interest in dressing up. Yes, they are difficult to master which color looks the best on you. You may make some mistakes. But be brave and try it occasionally. They say pink is a lady’s color but light pink is a color in the trend that men opt now in polo neck t-shirts. Be experimental and open-minded about colors.

8. Invest in accessories

When worn correctly, your clothes can look good, either by choice or inevitably. You can express your personality in front of the person you are looking for with accessories. If you are interested in watches, invest in a versatile watch type. Improve the quality of items that are used regularly such as belts, cufflinks, tie or eye glasses. Your real dress is just a background. The accessory that you wear is what actually defines you.

9. Shoe-case yourself

Your shoes determine your worth. Always wear neatly polished and in-condition shoes to work or to play. Choose from classic styles like brogues, loafers or dark five-hole Derbys. The shape of your fingers is decisive. Round shapes are never useless. Fingerprints and four-legged friends seem completely impractical. No one has such legs.

10. Consider using contrasts

Opt for a bold look once in a while with different textures, colors and patterns on both your upper and lower body. This will break up your tall silhouette in a similar way that a belt does. You may want to go for a classic style, but modern fabrics with dark colors and simple cuts make for a cool outfit. Consider wearing bold prints on shirts like floral to stand out in the crowd.

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